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Look Here

U.S. Debt Clock

Do I have your attention?  

Inflation? One solitary thing. An increase in the supply of paper "money." Now, the Inflation Calculator - check inflation from the year Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act (1913) to 2017.

Inflation Calculator


What cost $20.00 in 1913 cost $494.86 in 2017

The Money Masters - You Tube

Maybe. Just a thought. Tell me what you think. How 'bouts we give some serious thought to abolishing the !@#$%^&*! Federal Reserve and its expensive flim-flam money system?

Monetary Reform Act

Income is gain or profit.

Labor for wages is a value for value exchange.

Wages are labor, not income.

American Free Labor Act

Social Security. Really?

See all the above and read TATTOOED

Chapter 5 of my book.

Social Security Reconstruction and Freedom Act

Now..., for the bad news.

There is no more United States of America.

There! I said it! Jurisdictionally speaking.

Traditional units of self-governance (city, county, state and federal) have been progressively distilled of jurisdiction. The commonly recognizable names are still used today for tax collection, geographical identification, and illusionary effect.

Self-governance is water under the bridge.

Yep, you and me..., sold down the river long ago.

10 Federal Regions

O’Grady Complaint 1991

Constitutional Restoration Act

Buy books for family, friends, and help put mass quantities of the book (includes sample legislation) into the offices of every one of your elected. I mean EVERY ONE! City, County, State, United States. And I mean MASS QUANTITIES. Your elected gets one or two copies, it may get their attention. They get ten, twenty, thirty copies, now we got their attention.   

Take a book/s to a city council meeting and a county supervisors meeting (check the procedure). At the appropriate time, ask that the book be entered into the public record. This is powerful. Put out the word asking others to join you or follow your lead. Many city council and county supervisor meetings are telecast. You are getting the word out to tens, hundreds, perhaps thousands of people. Make a respectful plea for all to come surf, read the book and act accordingly. Is the book available at your local libraries and bookstores? If not, ask local libraries and bookstores to make it available. During your public comments and request, let your elected know local availability.  After all, you are only leaving one copy to be entered into the public record; ideally each elected would have a copy. And everyone listening at home. And..., okay, okay, you get the point. Do what you can. Report back here and we will tell all.     

Do It Yourself? No!

In your name or not, we can mail books to family, friends and foes, any and all federal, state, city, county elected for $25 each, postage paid. We E you tracking so you know when books arrive.  As things go as I expect, me and you will be helping create the largest "paper trail" in history.

Now you have it all! Well.., okay, it is some short of "all" but it's still a ho' bunch. And more on the way. Get back here! No Problem! How did the American walk from New York to California? One step at a time, brothers and sisters, one step at a time. You deal with this the same way. But...,

Be bold and mighty forces shall come to your aid!

And, me too.

Thanks for Visiting

At this site are the bits and bolts and moving parts of the progressive, piecemeal demolition of our constitutional self-governance, and simultaneous construction and implementation of a socialist form of government. We can fix that.

Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for. Socrates (469–399 BC)

Yep. Your Country Needs YOU.


We The People, that's the "Country" I'm talking about. When you finish surfing the site and reading my book, you're going to be angry or fearful or confused or all the above. It's all here too (and/or coming soon), but best understood in the order presented in the book. We are talking political. We are talking conspiracy. We are talking some traditional, some rare, and some unique sources of education, training, and information. As my dearly departed pappy would have said (good-humoredly), “Even a blind hog finds an acorn once-n-a-while.” I started rooting around off the beaten paths with gusto some thirty-plus years ago; now I’m passing on my experiences and grim political discoveries (with remedies) to you.

I See Clues People.

I started getting a clue in the mid 1980's when the IRS seized our savings and attached my checks. The IRS referred to the tens of thousands of us as "Illegal Tax Protestors." Exactly! Obviously the IRS had a different definition. No day in court. Just a little o' form from the IRS was all it took and third parties had no problem quickly turning over my livelihood to that infamous collection agency. I was on fire. My quest for a clear picture of what the !@#$%^&* was going on was on. Somewhere along the line those lines from an old rock song came to mind, "I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then." Illegal taxation was the "little" problem.

We got Issues. We got Evidence. We got Solutions.

Federal Reserve - Regional Government - Social Security - Income Tax

All fall under one or more of the categories of my book's title:

Screwed, Blued, Tattooed, and Sold Down the River

Our challenges include an expensive, film-flam money system, illegal taxation, loss of representative government, erection and implementation of a socialist form of government, involuntary servitude. Stuff like that.


But Wait! We can fix ALL that!

Legislation. Corrective legislation. Geared up, ready to roll corrective legislation. That is our weapon of mass destruction when it comes to the real political quandaries our Country endures today. Surf the site. Read my book. Then, let's roll!  

Join the movement.

Be the Squeaky Wheel.

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